The Help2Go Detective will automatically analyze your HijackThis log file, and give you recommendations based on that analysis. However, using the Detective is just part of the process of cleaning your system.

Before using the Detective, you should have followed ALL of the steps in our Get Rid of Viruses & Spyware Guide. If you have not yet done so, now is the time - the guide will tell you when to return to this page. Following the recommendations in the Help2Go Detective does not guarantee that you will have a clean log or a clean computer. It does help to reduce the amount of malware in your log, making it easier for an expert to analyse what is left.

Please note that this application is always evolving. The more feedback we receive, the better it will get at recognizing malware!

Legal notice: Please be aware that we do not take any responsibility for any damage you cause to your PC. The suggestions the Help2Go Detective will give you are just that: suggestions; so any changes you make to your PC are your own responsibility.

Detects 12441 malware signatures, including the Peper and CoolWebSearch trojans.

Copy your HijackThis log into the space below:

Special thanks to evilfantasy, Canuck, steamwiz, Basementgeek, whoozhe, Oddjob, Tony Klein, Paul Collins, FBJ, and merijn for their contributions to this project and to fighting malware. - Osc